• 1990s
  • 1994
  • 2001
Spanish Medical Authority Dr. Rafael Abad Iglesias were studying chromosome alterations caused by radiation and noticed that upon exposure to radiation. Dr. Rafael Abad Iglesias has proved that SCA repair solution extracted from secretion from glands of Cryptomphalus Aspersa can regenerate skin damaged by UV radiation during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster with great repairing result.
IFC, SA Spain was created as an independent company with focus on pharmaceuticals and dermatologicals. The first scientific literature introducing the unique skin regeneration and repairing factors of SCA was published in 1996.
IFC introduced the Endocare product line, based on the proprietary patented technology platform SCA, forging a new market of Natural Regeneration. SCA is obtained during a complex and carefully-controlled process under pharmacological production standards while snails are not injured in the process. SCA is proved to regenerate and repair human skin cells effectively, completely against aging.
Dr. Rafael Abad Iglesias

The unique SCA Biorepair Technology developed by Endocare from Spain provides 4R system to repair the damaged skin cells. The SCA helps reactivate the collagen production and provides firmness and elasticity to maintain the visibly youthful appearance.

Dr. Rafael Abad Iglesias discovered that the SCA within protective secretion from the mollusc Cryptomphalus Aspersa can heal lesions in less than 48 hours. After 15 years research, he has proven that the SCA provides effective repairing ability to human skin cells and the 4R system maintains the health of skin and against aging.